The Beauty of the Home – With Amanda Weeder

In this episode, I sit down with Amanda Weeder, founder of @clareandcolettehome. 

We talk about the beauty of the home, how to find your home style, and how to get passed the discouragement of comparing your home to the home of others on Instagram.

This was such an enlightening episode, and I hope you take the time to listen!

About the Guest

Amanda Weeder is the Founder of Clare and Collette home on Instagram! She has a passion for sharing her home design tips with other women.

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Ann Losinski 0:11
Welcome back everybody to the Catholic brides Podcast. I am joined today by Amanda leader from Claire, Claire and collect home Instagram account, and I’m super excited to have her on the show to talk to us today a little bit about home decorating stuff. Welcome to the show Amanda.

Yeah, well thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it. Well awesome let’sstart Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do, how your passion for home decorating kind of started.

Amanda 0:45
Sure. Well, like you said, my name is Amanda and I live in the Midwest with my husband and four kids. We’ve been married for 11 years, and I am a convert to the face. I converted about 10 years ago now. And besides that, I am super passionate about home decorating. I think my passion for all things home started right around the time I got married, I had an interest in it before that too but I think when my husband and I moved into our first home is when I really realized the importance of making a house a home, and I really enjoyed the process that happens when you start finding your personal home style it was just all exciting to me. Hmm,

Ann Losinski 1:29
that’s awesome. When you talk about like your personal homestyle what exactly does that mean

Amanda 1:36
yeah well I think, you know, we see lots of images and of course there’s Pinterest and I think we’re always you know we can’t get it quite right and we just have to keep trying. In regards to home decorating about just finding our own style and what fits. And I think when you start really finding that so I would consider my style, and eclectic style. I like everything. I don’t really like to be put in one box. And so I think when you find your own personal style it’s almost like stepping into more of who you are.

Ann Losinski 2:11
For sure I can totally see that and especially like your home was kind of an expression of like an extension of yourself so being able to like, extend yourself into like your home decorating is super cool and a great way to be able to express yourself.

Amanda 2:27
Yeah, I agree. Mm hmm.

Ann Losinski 2:30
Awesome. Um, I know you’ve talked on your Instagram a little bit about the dignity of the dignity of the home. Can we talk a little bit about what that means?

Amanda 2:41
Yeah, definitely. So, the dignity of home that phrase, just kind of came to me one day when I was in prayer. I had just started this home decor account on Instagram in May of 2020, and I kind of started to get really get caught up in the hustle, of what comes with having a home decor account on Instagram, and it was then that I realized through prayer. What God kind of wanted me to do with this account. And so it was then that I realized that there’s really so much more to just having this account to hopefully inspire others give home decor tips and help people decorate their own home. I just felt like there was a need for the message that what we do and what we put in our homes, really matter. And just taking the time to create a space that can help us to feel safe, love, and also pointing to our eternal home is worthy. I just felt like getting the message out there, that there is beauty and dignity in decorating but decorating and taking care of our families the seemingly small stuff that goes on every day in our home is actually worthy and important and worth sharing too. So, overall, I just like to think that it’s a movement that recognizes the dignity and worth that is homemaking or just making a home.

Ann Losinski 4:08
Yeah that’s super beautiful, I really liked how you talked a little bit about how the homeless like place to be safe but also to point to our eternal home of heaven and obviously Heaven is the most beautiful place that we can ever imagine. Until like right kind of make our home as a model after that it’s a super beautiful image.

Unknown Speaker 4:31
Yeah, yeah, I totally agree and. And I kind of just kind of hoped to, you know, just kind of set myself apart a little bit from other home accounts that are also really beautiful but also just I really felt called to share my Catholic faith within all of that that you know in the Catholic faith, images, those tangible things should be in our home, especially as Catholics because they do point us to our real calling and true purpose and. And what better place to be reminded of that when we’re in our home, which is supposed to kind of be you know our resting place. And in our in our own personal little sanctuary within our domestic church. Yeah, for sure.

Ann Losinski 5:15
So with that, do you feel like you said that things like to kind of point us towards heaven Do you think that it’s a good idea to have a lot of like statues and things or is this also like an expression of other things as well because like as Catholics we have, like our pictures and our statues and stuff and obviously those things are good and beautiful and have places in the home, but this is also applied to other things outside of that.

Amanda 5:42
You know what I guess like what I think of is, is just kind of those, those tangible those tangible things so you know even having. I mean, this can this can be on all levels because like I said you know I’m a convert to the face so I didn’t necessarily grow up with all of those kinds of images so it’s definitely not one of those things where you need to put pressure on yourself I think you just whatever kind of images, maybe that come to your mind when you are decorating or when you feel like something’s missing. You know I always just think like, maybe you feel like something’s missing because there needs to be something pointing to heaven. There needs to be something they’re reminding you of peace and joy and that could be yeah like a little picture of a state, and it doesn’t have to be super overwhelming again I think you have to tell your own home story, and your, your own personal story so I guess like for me. In regard to everything that you know I kind of put on my Instagram account and what we’re talking about here too. You know I am thinking. It’s just kind of what you what you make of it but I do encourage you know to put those things in your home if that all makes sense.

Ann Losinski 6:56
Yeah, for sure, and like looking at other tangible things as well there’s beauty in different things so like, obviously, Catholic art is super beautiful but there’s also beauty and like a beautiful lamp, or, like, Oh totally flowers or whatever else you want so you can find beauty in like different things, I think, like you said, it’s kind of just finding your own personal style of like how much expresses who you are.

Amanda 7:22
Totally and that you know what you think kind of reminded me up to, for instance, I have a friend and I have talked about this before, but she painted a wall a shade of green because it reminded her of Our Lady of Guadalupe and I just think really subtle things like that throughout the house so totally I would totally agree with that too. It doesn’t have to just be religious items to point to heaven, it can be kind of those really subtle unexpected things, too.

Ann Losinski 7:50
Yeah, for sure. So what advice do you have for women who are just starting off on their journey of decorating their home or might be homemaking for the first time or just gotten married.

Amanda 8:02
Yeah, so, I think, you know, I think the best place to start, especially if you’re if you are on a budget. You know especially just after getting married who knows what the financial responsibilities of that entail whether the wedding is moving and all that kind of stuff. So I think the best place to start is to really take an inventory of what you already have. I think it’s good to dream and take note of what you really want your space to eventually look like. But also, I think it’s good to be resourceful and just use what you have. I think when you’re on a budget. It’s also important to remember that that isn’t a negative thing, I think, budgeting allows you to think outside of the box, and being resourceful allows you to create a space that really is truly yours, something that you’ve put a lot of thought and work into telling your own home story. And I think some just practical tips to save money and things I do to this day would be to Google, things that I like to do is to Google an image that you really love and most of the time you can print it off for free, and frame it, and then FC is another place that I think you can find some really awesome print on a paper Chris, that you can print off. So just little things like that, and then also paint, I always tell people paint is the easiest way to make a huge impact for cheap in your home, whether that be speaking an accent wall or say if you’re newly married. I think it’s kind of a sweet, it could be sweet to be able to decide on a color together and work together to update your home, and that can kind of be that first step that you and your husband takes to create your, your domestic church and your home by just working together with those things. And of course also maybe selling some items on Facebook marketplace to start saving for those future home projects too could be something that you and your spouse could think about especially when you’re newly married.

Ann Losinski 10:06
Yeah, those all make sense. So if you’re looking at your home, what, what area would you say would be a good place to start. Like, if you’re going to we’re going to focus on one specific room to start in, what do you think would be the best place to start.

Amanda 10:23
Well, you know, I don’t know if there is a right answer to this I, for me personally it bothers you the most probably or area that you’re going to be using the most. So, for me, like, you know, if it’s for you if it’s going to be your kitchen, like your kitchen and your dining room and you’re going to be in there a lot and we really love to host. I think you have to kind of make your home. Make it work for you. And so I would start there I would start with, with listing. What areas are you, you know, even just making a list like one through five What is your, what’s your top priority and that’s probably going to be the room that either bothers you the most. And you’re going to want to make that more you or the room that you’re going to use constantly and you want to have people over because you also don’t want your home to hinder those opportunities of showing your hospitality inviting people into your home because maybe you know you just think your home’s not quite there yet and it’s just so I would say, you start there. You start with little things like I said you start with painting walls or selling, maybe a table you really really don’t like you can sell it on Facebook marketplace and then put that money towards a table that you really love and would be bigger and fit your friends and family around things like that. So I guess I don’t have, you know there’s there’s not like one remedy or solution to that I think you just have to decide that between you and yourself what you really want to focus on first, is that make a list, stay organized and so way to not get overwhelmed is kind of have your little you know some people talk about the vision boards or or whatever but maybe just have like your dream checklist, like what would you start with first, if you could, and then go down the list from there, and however long it takes me to get through that home improvement list or whatever you want to call it, it’s totally fine you know this is the process, and you want to enjoy the process. And it’s, you know, decorating and making it home, a house a home just does not happen overnight.

Ann Losinski 12:34
Yeah, for sure. I really like how you said of making a list because I think especially when you’re moving into a new home. It can be super overwhelming. With all of the different things that you can do, and so like prioritizing it in that way I think would be super helpful for a lot of people rather than just kind of looking at the home and being like, I want to paint my bedroom and I want to paint the office and I want to do the bank or whatever and not really prioritizing it and just kind of offhandedly saying things.

Amanda 13:04
Oh yeah, because it can it can get extremely overwhelming and then you get really disheartened. And, you know, that’s a part of my whole thing too is to not be discouraged, that it takes time and these things take money but when we see these, you know, like I said, these images on Instagram I think people get really discouraged and they kind of just whatever we’ll just put whatever in, because we’ll never until we know our home will never look like that so why start, and it’s just you know if that’s just not what it’s all about. And so you just just want to make sure you take a step back, if you’re getting overwhelmed and just focus, one room at a time. And if it takes you months to complete, you know, finish one room, that’s fine and then take a break and then kind of move on to your next your next thing and maybe the next thing would be really small like just hanging up some shells and doing some decorating there so it’s not as overwhelming. Kind of an easier easier cast to move to.

Ann Losinski 14:05
I also really like how you said to do this with your spouse because I think a lot of people like myself included think that this is all a big list of like our dreams that we want for our houses, because we are like kind of the homemakers and involving your spouse too I think that can be a great way to like bond together and also be on the same page and open up other communication between the two of you.

Amanda 14:30
Yeah, definitely. I think I just when you invite your husband into the process. I think he might be surprised how many, you know, you kind of just write men off in a way thinking oh they don’t care about the home like decorating or anything like that somebody might have an opinion and then what and then having ownership in that. I think kind of encourages them as the head of the house hold, and it can be something that’s really fun to do together instead of kind of thinking oh I have a honey do list and when is he gonna get to this and why don’t you just, you know, it kind of takes ownership for both of you it puts ownership on both of you when you have these conversations together.

Ann Losinski 15:07
Yeah, for sure. Another question kind of tying into what you were saying before about Instagram. What advice do you have for people because, obviously, Instagram and the home decorating stuff on there is super beautiful and there can be a huge temptation for people to compare themselves to compare their homes to that. And like you said can kind of get discouraged from it. So what advice do you have for people that might be feeling discouraged because of the things that they see on Instagram is not their reality.

Amanda 15:35
Right. So, in regards to comparison. It’s definitely a trap that I have fallen into many times, and I have talked about this before but I believe when we redefine our thoughts and our whole thought process on what a home’s true purposes is for that comparison game doesn’t make sense anymore. So, when we give ourselves permission to just let go of trying to have the perfect home, that is never going to exist, by the way, that’s when we can really start enjoying and loving our space that we’re in. I also say our homes are really meant to tell our own stories, and not someone else’s. So that means if we see an image on say Instagram, and it’s an image of someone else’s home, and we just love everything that person has in their home, the way it’s decorated and furnished and we try to replicate that. So say we do that and we and so once we replicate that we should be completely satisfied and happy right. Well, I think decorating that way and trying to keep up with the Joneses will not serve you well in the end, I think it’s a really temporary happiness, and you’ll find yourself sitting in a home that doesn’t really have your personal touch to it. So, what you once thought would make you happy by replicating someone else’s home actually just ends up making you feel a little empty on the inside and even not only that, once you achieve that, you just want more and more and more. And so I think we just have to cast them perspective, you know these images people are just, I forget who said it, I didn’t come up with this but someone said you know Instagram is just people sharing. That’s all it is. They’re not telling you to do this. So when we have some perspective on what we see on the internet. You know, and then we, we also remind ourselves what is our home, what’s the purpose of our home. It’s to come home away from the world to find peace to relax, have a good conversation. And I think gratitude kind of sneaks in there somewhere along the way and then you become just grateful for what you have. And then you can also be grateful for what other people have to like, Wow, that’s a really awesome kitchen and maybe one day that will be in my future but if not, I’m fine with that too. So I just think if we have to go back to telling our own story, which means you know you like Like we said before, our home is extension of ourselves and not someone else’s. So we just can’t compare our story in our home to someone else’s story in someone else’s home.

Ann Losinski 18:17
That’s really beautiful and a really good reminder to make sure that, like you’re looking obviously looking at somebody else’s story, like you said, and that’s not your own story. So to take the time to create your own story and create take the time to add that personal touch, like you said, is really important too because we will come up empty if we’re not trying to fulfill our own needs to fulfill like who we are as a person. I think that obviously goes for like all areas of life but also tying that to the home is super, super beautiful as well.

Amanda 18:51
Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

Ann Losinski 18:55
Awesome. One other question that I typically ask all of my guests, is what is your favorite Bible verse or passage and why.

Amanda 19:06
Yeah So mine is from Matthew 621, and it’s For where your treasure is there your heart will be also. And I remember this first was so important to my husband and I, when we first started dating him when we first got engaged, and I just feel like it’s a verse that also has a lot of meaning, even now in my life now. I think it’s we’re just, I don’t know, I think the treasure parts of For where your treasure is. So if we’re mindful of what we are, what treasures we are surrounding ourselves with, it’s, you know, our lives, us our heart will be there also. So it’s just a good reminder like what kind of things, am I surrounding myself with, and it just kind of ties in so well I feel like right now in my life especially, you know, because I think at home, that’s where my treasure is that’s where my husband is that’s where my kids are. And that’s where I want my heart to be also. And so obviously you know I’m probably taking this Bible verse completely out of context but so I just really like that was just always something that stuck with me and i mean i, there’s so many verses of course that are awesome but that was just one that particularly stood out to me and my husband, and it’s just kind of always, always kind of floating in the back of my mind I guess

Ann Losinski 20:24
that’s super beautiful. Um, so if people want to get in touch with you, how can they do that.

Amanda 20:31
Yeah, well they can visit my Instagram page at Claire and Colette home. And I also have a Gmail account so Claire and Colette And feel free to shoot me any questions or if you want to get in contact with me and talk all things home they’re

Ann Losinski 20:51
awesome well thank you so much for coming on the show, Amanda.

Amanda 20:56
Yeah, well thanks so much for having me. Like I said, I really appreciate it.

Ann Losinski 21:00
Yeah. You’re welcome. Thank you everybody for joining us again. And we will see you in the next episode. God bless you.

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