Preparing Your Heart for Motherhood – With Tara Nicolson

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In this episode, I sit down with Tara Nicolson and we chat all about motherhood, and beauty and struggles that it may bring. We talk about practical ways you can begin to prepare, how to involve your spouse in those preparations, and how to build a support network for yourself during that transition!

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Tara is a Catholic wife and mother as well as a practicing psychotherapist serving residents of NJ and PA. She focuses on maternal mental health in her practice and enjoys helping mothers process and navigate the deep waters of motherhood. She maintains a community called Visitation Motherhood where women have an opportunity to share stories and have access to various resources. She also wrote the “Holding Space” journal, which combines Catholic Spirituality and mental health. Tara hopes to bridge the gap between the Catholic faith and mental health. You can find her on Instagram @thecatholicmotherhoodtherapist.

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