Life as a New Wife – With Grace Brown

In this episode, I sit down with Grace Brown and talk about her life as a wife. As a young bride married in 2019, she comes on the show to tell her story and what life has looked like for her these past two years!

About The Guest

Grace is a virtual assistant. Her and her Marine husband are currently stationed in Pensacola, Florida, but she is originally from Fort Worth, Texas. She grew up Presbyterian, became Anglican in high school, and finally converted to Catholicism in college. She met her husband, Caleb, singing with him for Texas A&M’s vintage jazz band, the Aggieland Orchestra, and fell in love.

Music was a super important piece of their dating relationship and continues to be a big hobby of theirs in marriage. Her husband has been recording country music and she’s been performing in musicals when she can. The military and the Coronavirus panic have halted a lot of their dreams, so they’ve really had to dig deep into their relationship with one another to remain positive and hopeful.

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