Infertility and Grief – With Jess Coe

In this episode, Jess Coe comes on the show to share about her journey with Infertility. Jess shares about her journey with endometriosis, miscarriage, having two beautiful children through adoption and a miracle birth and then ultimately how she lost her fertility completely through an ectopic pregnancy.

Jess comes on to share hope and healing with our listeners that might be currently going through their own infertility journey.

About The Guest

Jess is a Catholic wife, mom, opera singer and artist living in Michigan. After six years of infertility she and her husband were blessed with two babies within nine months; one through adoption and one by way of a miraculous pregnancy but later permanently lost her fertility after an ectopic pregnancy. She has a heart for sharing her story with the hope that it may bring comfort through solidarity and hope in the goodness and promises of God, no matter the cross one is facing.

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