How to Have a More Catholic Birth – With Erin Hazelbaker

In this episode I sit down and talk with Erin Hazelbaker. Erin has her Masters in Physical Therapy and is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and is also a  certified Doula.

Erin shares her story as a Catholic wife and more. We chat specifically about birth, and how you can achieve a truly Catholic birth.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • Developing Your Team
  • Conversations to have with your Spouse
  • How to Use Lectio Divina to Prepare for Birth
  • How to Handle The Fear of Birth
  • And More!

About The Guest

Erin Hazelbaker is a Catholic wife and mom to 4 children in Cincinnati, Ohio. Erin has her Masters in Physical Therapy and is a Functional Medicine Practitioner who joined in with her sister in opening their own practice, Victress Health and Wellness.
Originally, Erin thought her career path would take her into the profession of physical therapy in the traditional sense. But throughout her life, it became apparent that Erin was called to live out her Catholic values by combining her passion for health and healing with her love for Christ.
When Erin was pregnant with each of her children, she was seeking natural childbirth and noticed a void in Catholic birth preparation. This fueled Erin’s desire to combine that mind, body, and soul approach to pregnancy/childbirth preparation. Erin became a certified doula and began helping women one-on-one to have a truly Catholic birth. Naturally, Erin wanted to continue to help as many moms as possible and the Joyful Birth Project was born. A Catholic approach to childbirth.

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