The Catholic Brides Podcast

Helping you on your journey to grow closer to God and to your spouse. 

About Your Host

My name is Ann and I am the host of the Catholic Brides Podcast! I am excited to walk with you on your journey!

As a wedding photographer, I am involved in young bride’s lives all the time. From talking to them, and my own experience going through marriage prep I noticed a need for deeper conversations about married life.

It is my prayer that as we walk together, you will grow closer to God, and closer to your spouse. On this Podcast, we are not afraid to talk about the deeper topics that happen during your married life. 

Welcome to the journey! 

About The Podcast

The Catholic Brides Podcast was created to serve just that, Catholic brides. Marriage prep through the church is the best way to prepare for marriage, but for some people, there are some conversations that get left out.


Conversations such as infertility, intimacy, mental health, and much more are covered in traditional marriage prep, but so many women have unanswered questions or are looking for something deeper.


Thus, the Catholic Brides Podcast was born.  It is a way to open up the doors for conversations, allow women to share their personal stories, and grow together as women of God!

What's on your Heart, Sister?


NFP and Your Cycle

In this section we talk about NFP and the joys and struggles it brings with it. There are also episodes that talk specifically about your cycle and the role your cycle can play in your day to day life.



Fertility problems are so common, but yet, not talked about enough. These episodes are specifically addressing infertility, miscarriage, and the struggles and sorrow that comes along with them.


Addictions/Mental Health

Addictions in marriage can cause tremendous pain. In these episodes, we share stories of women who have overcome addictions. In this section, we also highlight mental health and the importance of making sure you are taking care of yourself!


Communication and Spousal Relationships

In this section, we highlight communication and spousal relationships. This is where you will find information about date nights, relationship advice, and ways you can connect with yourself more deeply! 


Homemaking and Family Life

In these episodes, we talk specifically about how to make your house a home. We talk about homemaking and how that looks different for every person.


Love Stories

Episodes in this category are stories of women sharing their love stories and passing on their wisdom of marriage to you! 



These episodes are about the intimate parts of your relationship. Things that might come up that you aren’t expecting, and how to work through them with your spouse! 


Birth and Children

Episodes in this section are all about bringing new life into this world. Preparing for birth, and life after the birth of your first child.


Wedding Planning

In these episodes, we talk specifically about planning your big day! For all our engaged listeners, this is the best place for specific ideas about how to plan your wedding day, and things to consider while you are doing so!

Recent Episodes